Something is wrong in the snowmoors...

The once snowy wilderness is now slushy, with strange animal like automata roaming the land. One lone scientist is braving this wilderness, to solve the meltdown. For Aethasia, and for Science!

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Unlock hidden Secrets

Use the Dreamweaver to reveal hidden objects all around Aethasia! Who put these here? What are they for?

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New Steampunk Weapons!

Peow Peow. Peow Peow Peow. Smash those pesky Automata with new ice and fire weapons!

  • Ice Pistols

    Warning, may cause brain freeze
  • Ice Thrower

    Certainly more effective than flinging a snowball. This isn't quite Jefferson's Ice Blaster but it will do the job!
  • Ice Hammer

    This is one cool hammer. Did you see what we did there?
  • Fire Stick

    It's just like any other stick, but on fire. Effective, if only for a short time!
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New Dapper Outfits

No expedition to a frozen wilderness would be complete without some wooly warmers to er... keep you warm. And look totally rad at the same time, of course.

  • Cossack Coatsuit

    Wearers may experience a strange urge to call everyone 'comrade.' Just go with it.
  • Frozen Earmuff

    If someone asked to strap icicles to your head, you'd politely decline, but when they look this good you'd do it yourself!
  • Arctic Explorer Attire

    Go adventuring! See far off places that are... great barren white expanses. Well, at least you won't freeze.
  • Cossack Hat

    Just the thing to keep your head warm as you gallop across the Eastern Steppe!
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New Exotic Locations

Who knows what this new wilderness will reveal? What flora and fauna exist there? What samples you can collect? What strange things you will uncover?

  • Venom

    Try not to get this on your skin. Or clothes. Or anything else, for that matter.
  • Magnetic Sample

    Rocks that stick to metal. This is another example of science that sounds really interesting in theory, but actually isn't.
  • Fur

    Some mad beastie has been shedding, despite the cold! Oh well, if it doesn't want the fur, someone might as well use it.
  • Ice Flower

    Can you call something this spiky a flower?

Unlock the secrets of the Snowmoors!