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Experience 3 episodes! Membership includes access to Episode 1, 2, and 3. Each episode includes 15+ hours of game play, new updates regularly, multi-platform capability on PC/Mac, iOS, and Android, and more. Episodes 1 - 3 explores the Birth of the Resistance through to adventures in the wilds of the Snowmoors when the Resistance melts down.

Episode 1: The Birth of The Resistance Feature Image

Episode 1: The Birth of The Resistance

In the run-down streets of No Man’s Landing, something new is stirring. The fog swirls with news of arrivals unlike any that have come through the sleepy seaside town before. Strangers from afar bring hope, and a fair share of trouble, while whispers of a fledgling underground movement led by a mysterious Scarlet Man add to the tension in the air. Will you join the Resistance?

Episode 2: The Resistance Takes Flight Feature Image

Episode 2: The Resistance Takes Flight

Edmund and Julian have been competing for years, but now these two underground racers may have crossed more than just the finish line. When tensions boil over and trust is betrayed, both are in for a race unlike any they have experienced before. It will take one of them far beyond No Man’s Landing to find new allies, new challenges, and a new reason to race!

Episode 3: The Resistance Melts Down Feature Image

Episode 3: The Resistance Melts Down

There’s no trouble like snow trouble! The Snowmoors are melting, and only someone like Jefferson will be able to figure out what to do about it. He’s smart and resourceful, and really annoying! Maybe that’s why he was abandoned in the snowy wastes all alone, but now the Resistance has sent you to help with his mission, before it’s too late!

Begin your quest to save Aethasia