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Prologue + Episode 1

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In the run-down streets of No Man’s Landing, something new is stirring. The fog swirls with news of arrivals unlike any that have come through the sleepy seaside town before. Strangers from afar bring hope, and a fair share of trouble, while whispers of a fledgling underground movement led by a mysterious Scarlet Man add to the tension in the air. Will you join the Resistance?

Kickstart the Resistance Feature Image

Kickstart the Resistance

The Scarlet Man has already been laying foundations, but it’s up to you to join the dots. Find the key people he has contacted and help bring them together to form the core of the fledgling Resistance!

Craft your tools Feature Image

Craft your tools

Gather and build what you need for the survival of the Resistance. Find materials and plans for new weapons, clothes and clever contraptions which will help you on your quests!

Quest with friends! Feature Image

Quest with friends!

It’s dangerous to go alone, but your friends can join you in Aethasia! Battle and quest together and help drive back the Emperor’s evil fog!

Begin your quest to save Aethasia