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Companion Engines

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Requires Windows 7 or later
Requires 10.7 or higher

From the creators of the Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance comes the Aetherlight: Companion Engines. Players take their exploration of The Aetherlight and the connections to the Bible to a deeper level. All activities within the Companion Engines offer in-game rewards such as outfits, hats, and Resistance Points to level up!

The Aetherlight: Companion Engines bring together the in-game story with the biblical narrative and a ‘real-world’ call to mission. The interactive mini games lead players directly into the biblical text, exploring biblical parallels to the game, the historical contexts of the biblical story and themes which help to reveal the nature of God. These elements draw players into a rich narrative, igniting their imagination to explore the significance and the application of the biblical story.

The Comparison Engines Feature Image

The Comparison Engines

Compare the biblical story to the Aetherlight story, in a fun match game. It also provides a tool that encourages players to read the specific parts in the Bible that are related to the game.

The Mean Machine Feature Image

The Mean Machine

Unpacks the meaning and themes of the Bible story. For Episode 1, this machine explores trust, promise, our relationship with God and talking to God.

Take It Out! Feature Image

Take It Out!

The Postman points players back to the real world to live out the story in their own lives with personal missions based on what players have learnt in their quests

Begin your quest to save Aethasia