What is Founder's Access?

What is Founder's Access?

Note: Founders Access is no longer available. Keep an eye out for other unique opportunities in the future, or visit our store to purchase Episode 1 - Birth of the Resistance.

You’ve heard about Founder’s Access. Maybe you received an email, caught a tweet, or a Facebook post caught your eye during a procrastinating timeline slide. You’ve asked yourself, ‘what is this about?’ Well, brave explorer the answer is here!

Founder’s Access is an opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor. It’s like attending a special pre-release of a movie! The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance is a ground-breaking episodic game based on the Bible, but it didn’t start this way. In fact, the story of The Aetherlight  started 75 years ago when a brave man dreamt to use mail to reach young people with the scriptures in New Zealand; a Postal Sunday School Movement!

On the back of his legacy, we are incredibly excited to bring the scriptures to 21st century young people in a language they understand: games. This movement has gone digital.

This is a game that invites young people into the narrative of scripture, where they find their place in the story of God in order to live out of it in the real world. Ryan Frank from Kidzmatter recently put it this way:

I can only imagine how people felt a century ago when C.S. Lewis came out with his new Narnia series. Generations later, The Aetherlight feels like today’s answer to the Chronicles of Narnia. This is a revolutionary contemporary way of connecting kids to God’s story!  

Founder’s Access is about helping to increase this reality! By signing up to Founder’s Access, you receive immediate access to Episode #1: The Founding of the Resistance. Here’s a little secret: Episode 1 is based on the story of Abraham. His family and the blessing of the nations.

But, here’s the thing.

There are other tiers of supporting Founder’s Access - it’s not just about playing the game, but it’s about standing up to help reach today’s generation in a language and medium they love. This is a big vision. In exchange for your purchase of a Founder’s Access package from Scout through to Founder, we’ll give you rewards. These rewards (especially in the higher tiers) will help us to reach more kids through the funds generated.

A contribution to Founder’s Access helps keeps the lights on in our studios, our developers coding and our artists drawing. It allows our game designers to create  puzzles, quests and storylines that grip the player’s emotions as well as intellect. With 25 staff, and no revenue until launch, Founder’s Access allows us to gain momentum leading up to, and following our launch.

By supporting Founder’s Access you’re playing a part in a digital movement to bring the Bible to the children of the world in a language they understand: gaming. Reaching into the homes of young people across the world with the story of God, a story for young people to live out of.




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