Blog March 29, 2018


Steamwalker here. Coming to you live from the Engine room of the Aetherlight! Needless to say, It’s a little crazy! As many of you know, a few years ago, Mrs Steamwalker and my two little Steamwalkers moved across the giant pond from New Zealand to the United States! That’s a long flight by airship! We moved to be closer to the majority of our players, partners and publishers!

Over the last few months, the Aetherlight itself has been making a similar journey. Over from New Zealand, the land of the Long White Cloud to North America. A big change, and one we believe will be incredibly beneficial for the game and especially our community.

Our game’s story will always begin in New Zealand, this game would have never happened had a group of people not given their lives and support to the project over the last several years. Our heart, in many ways, will always be there too. It’s an incredible (dare I say, magical) place filled with wonderful people. But, a new chapter in the Aetherlight story begins.

So here we are!

The Aetherlight has an amazing group of players with such a tight-knit community, especially here on the forums, and new team members are eager to jump in!Currently, some of our new developers are busy working under the hood to maximise our efficiency, while working on updates and new ideas!

Over the forthcoming weeks and months, we will be sharing more information on exciting new developments that lay ahead! Lastly, we would love to hear from you guys about what changes you would like to see in the game. Feel free to Cogsworthy me directly: Tim@theaetherlight.com

See you in Aethasia!



Tim Cleary and the Aetherlight team



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  • David Macblast 26/04/2018 1:31pm (5 years ago)

    Love it! So inspiring!