Update 1.1 - Smashin' Fashion

Blog June 27, 2015

Update 1.1 - Smashin' Fashion

We’ve been working hard over the last two months to prepare some really cool stuff for you.

Firstly, we’ve added what we call the “wardrobe”, where you can dress up your avatar in all sorts of crazy outfits, hats and masks. As you explore Aethasia, you will collect plans to craft these cool outfits, but we didn’t stop there. We’ve also added clothing dyes, which means you can change the colours on your outfits! Keep a look out for some awesome colour combinations, including our favourite, the blue and gold dye!

Secondly, we’ve added a whole new room for you to explore - the Resistance Headquarters! Alexander and Selina have set up a secret basement where they can run their Resistance activities without the Usurper noticing. We can’t wait to show you this room! We’ve also added a Mission board to the Resistance Headquarters, where you can go and collect special “Resistance Missions” - quests that need to be completed for the Resistance! Check it out, and be involved in Resistance work.


Lastly, we’ve livened up the characters a little bit, now if you talk to Alexander or any of the game characters, they will talk back to you.


Of course, this release comes with a tonne of bug fixes, and a few other secret surprises that you will have to play to find!


We’d love to connect with you on the forums - feel free to create threads on the forums about things you are doing in the game or questions you have about the game or about Aethasia. Are there areas that you are finding hard or confusing? Do you have questions or ideas? We’d love to hear them.


See you in Aethasia!


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