Mr Ironheart Signing off...

Blog December 16, 2017

Mr Ironheart Signing off...

This is a really hard post to write, there are so many things I want to say but we will have to start from the beginning…


I applied for this job about a year and a half ago and I knew from my interview that this was a place I really needed to work, the people were passionate, welcoming and genuinely enjoyed and believed in what they were creating. After waiting for what felt like weeks to hear back after my interview, Lady P emailed me saying I would be starting in the next few days as a Customer Support Agent!

I was incredibly excited and was in disbelief that I was chosen to be a part of this journey, things just went up from there as I met more people in the studio.


Everyone in the studio was amazing, they took the time to help me out and answer my, sometimes, dumb questions and did so happily. You hear it all the time but this group of people weren’t just work mates or close friends, it was just like a family. Every single person added to the family in their own unique way which made learning to do my job that much more enjoyable.

I failed at times to do some of the simplest things but there was always someone there to pick things up, help me out and show me how to do it.


As time went on and I learnt more about the game, the business and helped out Lady P more with the Community. Helping out with the Community was/is something I really enjoyed and I think Lady P saw that so she was nice enough to allow me to spend more and more time working on Community stuff and planning all kinds of crazy things.

With Lady P letting me do that, I find myself now in a position where I feel like this Community really is a part of my family, I know you guys, I have talked with most of you at length about so many things not just The Aetherlight, we have all worked together on ideas and ways to make the game better and I genuinely care about you all.


Every. Single. One. Of. You.


That’s why this next bit is really hard to write.

I am at the point now where I am having to leave this position, this company and these amazing people. I have been struggling to think of what I would be saying in this post for weeks now and I still really don’t know what to say because I don’t really know how to feel about the situation. I think at the core I am just sad to be leaving you, you all deserve the best experience and support available.

I truly hope that the next person to fill this role will come to see you all for the awesome, amazing people you are and that you in turn will help them ease into the role.


This may be the end of my time here, working on The Aetherlight but it doesn’t have to be yours, everyone has great ideas which should still be shared and talked about. Let everybody know you still care about the game, show them how incredible you all are and how much this game means to you all.


This is where I have to officially sign off as Mr Ironheart. I wish you all and the game the best on this adventure. I’ll see you all later haha.



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  • Pig Larkcape 17/12/2017 3:26pm (6 years ago)

    Bye @Goku_Ironheart! We will all miss you!

  • Jacoby Elderfun 17/12/2017 8:20am (6 years ago)

    NOOO!!! Please! No!

  • Iliara Mustardtop 17/12/2017 7:16am (6 years ago)

    NOO! I'm so sorry to hear you’re leaving Goku! You have been the most awesome moderator and I know you genuinely care about all of us. You’ve been an inspiration and role-model to so many and I don’t know how the company could ever replace you. We will miss you. Good luck wherever your journey takes you! <3 <3
    -Iliara M.

  • Ariella Newheart 17/12/2017 7:13am (6 years ago)

    Aw...bye Mr. Ironheart.
    Thanks for always being there for us and for helping us out when we needed it most. ;-;

  • Spector Otterquill 17/12/2017 5:31am (6 years ago)

    Nooooooooo I am soooooooo sad.

  • Xonos Darkgrate 17/12/2017 1:36am (6 years ago)

    NO! We will all miss you so much, Goku! You have always been that caring smart person who knew what to do when we didn't, that guy that would step not only because it was his job but because he knew it was the right thing to do, and of course the person who, instead of doing your job just for the money (which I know you obviously need anyways), you got the perk of always having the smiles on our faces on your way back.

    Losing this must be hard, and I wish you God Bless. May He guide you through the rest of your life and possible back into the Aetherlight team again. :)