Lukas: Scientific, Logical, Organized???

Blog June 24, 2016

Lukas: Scientific, Logical, Organized???

If you hear an unexplained explosion, the first place you should check is Lukas’s workshop. It’s amazing that he still has a beard after some of his experiments! He’s enthusiastic though, always pulling apart gadgets the Scarlet Man sends him. He just wants to know how everything works, maybe because he wants to put it back together better.


Lukas is an expert in a lot of fields, and lately he’s been turning his attention to the fog again. He knows it’s bad - he’s seen first hand the damage it’s has done to people and all of Aethasia. Only now, it seems to be getting worse in parts of No Man’s Landing. Lukas wants answers, and that means more experiments!


He’ll be studying the effects and causes of this latest blight, but you can be sure there will be plenty of explosions, too! Amongst everything else, Lukas is the best historian in the Resistance and it’s his love of the Great Engineer’s dream for Aethasia that drives him to find the answers to how it will be restored!


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