Ishaan: Making Friends

Blog July 23, 2016

Ishaan: Making Friends

Ishaan needs your help! We all have times when we feel like we just don’t fit in and want to find some good friends of our own. Ishaan has gone off to the Junkyard in hopes of finding a place for himself and making some good friends - literally!

Ishaan was created by the Great Engineer; he is not one of Lucky’s automatons. He has an Animus Servo that makes sure he doesn’t just follow orders, but he can feel and think for himself as well.

Ishaan is pretty straight talking, some people would say he is rude. But he is learning to work with other people and you are just the person to help. Go find him and see what you can do; it’s amazing what a bit of kindness can do for someone else. If you find his personality a little hard to take, try putting yourself in his position and see things from his perspective - you would probably be a bit grumpy as well!


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