Have you seen this?

Blog May 1, 2017

Have you seen this?

It’s official on the internet so I can now officially talk about a new project that we have been working on! Let me give you a bit of backstory first…

There is a new museum being built in Washington DC called Museum of the Bible. It’s state of the art like NOTHING you have seen in a museum before. It’s all about the history of the Bible, the impact the Bible has on culture, it has theaters with interactive shows, a Hebrew Bible walk through and a Nazarene Village where you can experience what it would have been like in the time of Jesus. In fact, if you were to see and read everything in the Museum it would take you about a week!

Last year I got to visit Washington DC to see how the Aetherlight could be part of this project - HOW EXCITING! We walked through the construction site, it is enormous and very busy as they get ready for opening in November this year. The creative people at Museum of the Bible wanted a whole new experience for kids coming to visit. Each person coming to the museum gets a Digital Guide (a tablet) to help them explore. But they wanted kids to have an even better experience than just being guided through the museum, they wanted kids to be able to play the museum as they explored. That’s where we come in. We have been developing the game for kids to play when they visit the museum - I can’t give you any specific details about it yet, but let’s just say, the Postman has got himself into a bit of trouble and he needs your help!

You can read the Charisma News summary of the press release here and you might want to start asking your parents for a trip to Washington this Christmas, it’s chilly outside but things will be heating up inside the Museum as you fight to make sure history is not lost forever!

Lady P


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  • Emily Purplebottle 26/06/2017 1:48pm (6 years ago)

    Wow, that is amazing! What's wrong with the postman? Cool!

  • Violet Applehelp 31/05/2017 5:09pm (7 years ago)

    That sounds AWESOME!!! Sadly I'm not in america, I'm a kiwi.