Georgia: Making a difference one urchin at a time

Blog July 7, 2016

Georgia: Making a difference one urchin at a time

Ever wondered what it's like for the everyday person in Aethasia, living with the fog and Automatons? Georgia will tell you. She's an example of everything that the fog has done to the Great Engineer's dream - left on her own, with no one to help or to teach her any better, just struggling to get by however she can.

She's a little rough around the edges, but that comes from living in the streets. She's been fending for herself, and that doesn't always lend itself to making great choices. If there's something gone missing on the streets of No Man's Landing, chances are Georgia's seen it, taken it, or traded it with one of her mates. She doesn't mean any harm; the way she sees it, if she doesn't look out for herself, who else will?

Irving has been a good friend to her, and the rest of the urchins. He's pretty busy though, and it doesn't seem like anyone else has stepped up to help out. Maybe if the Resistance could show her the difference it makes when people look after each other, she might start helping others too?

You'll need to chat to her to see if she needs a hand. She's not one to ask for help so you might need to ask more that once, maybe more than twice! I think you'll find that Irving needs a bit of help around the place as well. It's great to be able to get involved in the Aethasian community.


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