Finders Adventure: Episode 2!

Blog October 19, 2017

Finders Adventure: Episode 2!

Aaand we're back for episode 2 of the Finders Adventure! So pop back in that comfy chair and grab some snacks.

Miss episode 1? No problem! Previously, on Finders Adventure...

Woahhhh, there was quite a lot that went on in that Episode! Alex has had quite the time in Aethasia already and he has just got there. I’m glad the Scarlet Man sent Emily to find Alex, things looked like they were about to get rough.

I could only imagine how scared Alex must have felt, staring down the wrong end of a Bombardier’s cannon and then coming up against a whole group of Bombardiers being lead by Overseer Grimm himself! If it was me I know I would feel pretty helpless and alone against all of those nasty Automatons, I mean all he had was a pipe! Luckily, Zack reminded Alex that sometimes we have to trust in others and take those brave first steps forward to accomplish our goals. It’s like when you join a sports team and you need meet the new people on your team. Sometimes you need to find courage and talk to them and trust their abilities to win the game. Perhaps you'll even make some new friends! 

Speaking of goals, how did Alex and Emily get up on those tracks in No Man’s Landing? I’ve always wanted to figure out where those lead. Those tracks are usually filled with carts full of Fog Rock. I’d love to find a way to stop those dirty rocks from entering No Man’s Landing. Anyway, it seems like things are ramping up in Aethasia and I can’t wait to see how Alex, Emily, and Lukas plan on dealing with the automatons, Overseer Grimm, and that nasty fog! But mostly I am really excited to see more of the powersuit and how Alex uses it. Zack did mention it has “Built-in Blasters”... Yes! Blasters!!


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