Emily - The Resistance's Breaker!

Blog June 10, 2016

Emily - The Resistance's Breaker!

Emily’s story is too interesting not to investigate! Her father was an Autofficer - they’re the ones that command the Automatons - and she was training to be one herself. When her father ‘disappeared’ she heard that Lucky was behind it and realised how broken Aethasia is. She’s been with the Resistance ever since.

Emily is a Breaker for the Resistance. The Great Engineer created Breakers to make sure only the best things were made, and they stand for what is right and good. Emily certainly fits this description! She’s an incredibly courageous woman - she will face a squad of Automatons head-on! Knowing how to use a hammer like she does, I’m not surprised that nothing much scares her.

Emily has lots of knowledge about defeating Automatons. She says that there is a skill to knowing the right weapon to use on the right enemy. Apparently combining weapon types, like oil and fire or water and electricity is particularly effective!



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