Egg-ceptional! ANOTHER quest is out!

Blog April 13, 2017

Egg-ceptional! ANOTHER quest is out!

Egg-cited again this week to have even more content out in The Aetherlight! This time it's Lukas who has been eggs-perimenting again. Some of you might remember what happened last time Lukas was experimenting and let all the goats out! It was a bit of a disaster, but we got the issue under control eventually. 

Looks like this time he needs help finding all of the batteries for his new invention. If you ask me, it's a bit like a giant egg hunt all over Aethasia, and who doesn't LOVE an egg hunt? The more locations you can go, the faster you can help get Lukas's eggs-periment back on track. To get started, you'll need to head into his workshop and look for something a little out of place.

Working together is always fun so team up with your friends and get going! As usual, if you get stuck you can head over to the forums to ask for help.

See you in Aethasia!
Lady P


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