Del - Artist and Awesome Maker of Outfits!

Del - Artist and Awesome Maker of Outfits!

Before I came to work here at The Aetherlight, I thought an artist just drew stuff. You know... on paper, with a pencil and some coloring thingies. How wrong could I be! Seems most artists are also computer experts and there are so many specialists! You can be like Bronson, our environmental specialist. Or Eric, who is our texture guru. And Richard, our concept artist (who still uses real paper and pens most of the time). We have Sam, who is a 2D specialist and Kimleng who does UI (short for user interface) and designs all of the icons you see in the game. Not to mention our team who works on visual effects and animations!

Today, I thought I would introduce you to Del. She is one of our multi-talented artists who works really hard to make the game look amazing. I asked her some questions so you could get to know her a bit more…

What do you do in the studio? “I make awesome costumes, quirky characters and make them move in game.”

What is your favourite part of your job? “Being able to do things I enjoy doing and I get to play games during lunch breaks for research!”

If you could sum up Episode 3 in one word, what would it be? “Cool” (pun intended ;-) )

What is your fav new costume? Snow Aristocrat

Can you give us a sneak peak? Here’s a little corner for you... snow outfit

Give us 3 fun facts about you! “I'm a gamer, I like mermaids, I am short.”

If you have any questions you would like to ask Del, pop them in the questions, I know she would love to answer them for you.


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  • May Otterview 30/01/2017 11:51am (7 years ago)

    Will we ever get answers?

  • Hanna Brassheart 17/12/2016 3:27am (7 years ago)

    How complicated is it to design in 3D?

  • May Otterview 23/11/2016 7:55am (7 years ago)

    Does she really have purple hair?