Behind the Scenes in Evergreen Meadows

Blog April 26, 2017

Behind the Scenes in Evergreen Meadows

I hope you are loving the Evergreen Meadows! I’ve got to say that my fav bit is when you put the bees in the hive without the bee keeper’s suit on and your character runs away with its arms up, so funny! That was the genius work of Lance, one of our quest programmers. In fact, everyone who put together Evergreen Meadows, the designers, artists, programmers and testers have their fav parts, so I interviewed them so you could find out a bit about what they do, their fav part and weather they could share a hint or two with you.


1. I put the quests in.

2. My fav part is literally a secret!

3. You should know that fog is not a good thing, despite what anyone may tell you.


1. I’m an environment and prop artist

2. The best part, or should I say parts, are the secret areas (There's more than one!??!!???)

3. Remember, fog is bad, get rid of it!


1. I work on environment art and level design

2. I like the charm of green rolling hills and old stone fences, but farming Alpaca wool is pretty cool!

3. Don't forget to return after episode 3...


1. I test the game to make sure everything is working good and proper!

2. There's a sweet new costume to bumble around in as part of one of the quests!

3. Remember to talk to everyone! They're always hinting!


1. I work on game and mechanics design

2. Helping the farmers is my fav part!

3. Bee sure to work together with other players to keep that fog down in the Meadows!

Well, I hope that’s helpful for you. If you have any other questions about the Evergreen Meadows, give us a shout and I’ll see if I can get some answers for you. You could always head over to the forums as well and join in the discussion there.

Time for me to buzz off!

Lady P


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