Finders Adventure: Episode 3!

Blog October 27, 2017

Finders Adventure: Episode 3!

The Aetherlight: Finders Adventure Episode 3 is here! Now where did I put those snacks… Oh! Right next to my comfy chair, let’s get into the Episode shall we?

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Did you see that amazing bit where Alex got to put on the suit?! That was awesome how all the pieces flew on to him and it powered up, it would be great if that could happen when I was getting ready in the mornings!

Besides the awesome suit up scene there were some really important things that happened in this Episode - but I want to talk about one in particular. In the scene where Georgia delivers the Scarlet Man’s letter, after a little convincing we see Georgia confess that she was holding onto the important item from the Scarlet Man. The fact that Georgia knew what she was doing was wrong but then choosing to do the right thing and admit she had taken it looks to have given Alex some motivation to find his own courage. It’s not always easy to admit when you are wrong, sometimes it can be downright scary but we need to believe in what is right, find our courage and fix our mistakes! It reminds me of when I was younger, taking the last cookie out of the cookie jar and lying about who ate it, I felt terrible that someone else was taking the blame so I confessed that it was me. While I got in a bit of trouble for lying it felt really good to be brave and correct a mistake I had made, just like Georgia.

In all, things look to be coming to a head! Next time on The Aetherlight: Finders Adventure, will Alex get the suit off in time?! How will Alex do on his mission from the Scarlet Man? Will he be able to start the Great Engine again to help free Aethasia from the nasty fog?

There are so many questions. Make sure to come back for the last Episode in The Aetherlight: Finders Adventure to find out how Alex and the Resistance get on with their mission!


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